Discover External Threats with Internet Data

Bring assets under management and enable intelligent security decisions with RiskIQ Enterprise Digital Footprint.  Discover and index all web and mobile assets associated with your organisation, known, unknown & rogue, and enable scanning for external threats that are compromising your organisation.

RiskIQ protects the externally-facing digital assets (known & unknown) of any organisation from malicious actors.  We provide actionable data that lets you map your digital attack surface and pinpoint threats across your entire business.


Enterprise Digital Footprint

The relative ease of attacking, defacing and impersonating web assets has placed an enormous burden on enterprises to stay on top of their public-facing web footprint.

RiskIQ’s Enterprise Digital Footprint discovers web assets and experiences them as a real user does, allowing you to accurately identify, monitor, and manage your entire Internet attack surface from the outside in.

Research & Investigate

The massively-increasing size and scale of the Internet continues to lower the bar for hackers to carry out successful attacks.  The complexity of the web acts as a haven for threat actors and decreasing costs enable them to rapidly build and deploy infrastructure for their attacks.  Successful security analysts need the most comprehensive view possible into their adversary’s infrastructure to stay a step ahead.

By bringing together critical data sources in an easy to use visual interface, RiskIQ’s PassiveTotal enables analysts to confidently assess incidents within their networks to map and analyse their adversary’s digital footprint.



Detect and Respond

Powered by our unique virtual-user technology, threat analysis engine and global proxy network, our External Threat Detection Product Suite gives organisations an actionable, real-time view of both their own and their adversaries’ infrastructure. With this comprehensive view of their attack surface, organisations can proactively defend against threats that target their websites, mobile applications, customers, employees and social presences.

Interacting with web, mobile and social properties as a real user would, RiskIQ technology disarms attackers’ evasion techniques, while collecting user session data to detect phishing, fraudulent apps & content, domain infringement, malware and more - all at scale.  RiskIQ packages this incredible amount of data into actionable, event-based threat alerts and workflows.