The foundation for flexible, secure, open and adaptive enterprise-scale networks.

Today’s network and IT environments contain a mix of legacy, virtual, private cloud and public cloud infrastructures. As business needs evolve and change at an ever-increasing pace so do demands on the network.  An adaptive and responsive IT organization is essential for organizations to continue to deliver value and innovation to their markets. This is BlueCat’s mission.


IP Address Mamengment

As a central control point, IPAM provides an authoritative source for information about the network, providing valuable insight to enable informed management and security decisions for the enterprise. This strategic insight and rich integration with core network services allows you to drive more reliable service delivery, enable greater agility, improve security and lower the manual effort involved in administration. With BlueCat IPAM, you will be better equipped to take advantage of emerging technologies, driving innovation and success for your organization’s business initiatives.


DNS is a core network service enabling critical applications for every organization, representing the sole point of access to business services for end users and customers. When DNS services fail, business stops; websites are unreachable, network-dependant applications including email, ERP and CRM cannot function and users cannot locate network resources and cloud services.




Enterprise IT initiatives demand centralized governance and control to securely connect and on-board increasingly agile networks. As a core network service, DHCP manages the allocation of IP addresses, and must meet the highest standards of reliability and scalability; cloud services create instances on demand and static IP allocation and management is no longer an option. BlueCat DHCP is an integrated solution that delivers secure, highly available, scalable, dual-stack support to your network, without compromise.


Protection for all devices

By leveraging DNS, BlueCat Threat Protection secures all devices – traditional and non-traditional, corporate-owned and bring your own. Smart phones, point-of-sale (POS) systems, desktops and security cameras all rely on DNS to connect to the network and external sites. Whether the device is in a fixed location, or is mobile and lives beyond the walls of your enterprise, it can be protected from accessing malicious content.



DNS Security

DNS data can provide powerful insights on what is going on in the network. However, collecting, analyzing and harnessing the information to secure the network are beyond the reach of most companies.

DNS security enables enterprises to gain visibility into the intent of every device on their network, uses those insights to identify inappropriate behavior, and then take appropriate action against suspicious or malicious activity.