Tackle external threats outside the firewall

With cyber space making an organisation’s digital footprint truly global and removing the network’s virtual perimeter, businesses are recognising the pressing need to monitor and protect their brand beyond the firewall.

Organisations increasingly rely on the web and mobile applications to interact with and serve customers.  Online assets including apps and websites for new products, services, events, sponsorships and more, whether created by you, a third party or inherited through M&A activity, quietly propagate over time and add to the complexity of network management; digital assets have evolved into a mash-up of third-party supplied technologies including social widgets, client-side code libraries, digital ads, etc.



You should be talking to us if your organisation would like to better understand: 

  • How does your digital footprint place the organisation, employees and customers at risk?
  • How can attackers target us through malvertising, website hijacking and copycat mobile apps?
  • What is the best way to gain visibility and control over all our digital assets, monitor them for threats and manage any resulting risk?


VectisNET partner with RiskIQ to scan your web properties and mobile app stores for virusesSSL vulnerabilities, malware & malvertising, to identify brand abuse and compliance violations.  Using a global proxy network and virtual user technology, RiskIQ continuously discovers and creates an inventory of managed, unmanaged and rogue web and mobile assets - this “Digital Footprint” is then persistently scanned for anomalies, external threats, malvertisements and brand impersonation attempts. 

The Risk IQ solution can be split into four main areas:

  1. Threat Detection
  2. Brand Protection
  3. Governance, Risk & Compliance
  4. Anti-Malvertising

Leading organisations with a strong cyber presence use RiskIQ to best protect them and their users from code level threats, malware and fraud - RiskIQ provides organisations the visibility and intelligence needed to secure their Digital Footprint.

We would love to discuss any requirements you have in this area, so get in touch and let’s start the conversation to secure your digital assets, branding and IP beyond the firewall.