The cyber security industry is facing a tough challenge as the bad guys get smarter and more targeted - the fundamentals of signature-based detection for identifying malware has been in place for over three decades now, yet networks everywhere are still being compromised.  In the face of constant innovation from attackers, antivirus vendors continue to focus on aging technologies that use signatures and post-attack behaviour heuristics to protect computers; traditional AV is becoming redundant because those techniques aren’t working effectively or efficiently.

Cylance leads the next generation of end-point protection, disregarding the obsolete methodology of using signatures to identify malware. With a proactive stance against threats, Cylance stops malicious files by evaluating them before execution, stopping malware before it starts. Cylance doesn't rely on definition databases for detection, eliminating the need for frequent updates with its low impact footprint and maintenance requirements.



VectisNET have partnered with a new vendor who is the only member of the Microsoft AntiVirus Club that has been classified as a ‘next generation AV’ engine - the technology was recently reviewed by SC Magazine and was awarded the 2015 Award for Best Emerging Technology without any negative points at all. Cylance were added to the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms and were acknowledged as having the most advanced completeness of vision within the Visionary sector.

Next Gen?

The solution uses no signatures, no behavioural analysis, no sandboxing, no dynamic detonation and no micro-virtualisation, yet achieves unprecedented malware detection rates unseen by traditional AV vendors; in addition to this the solution is completely silent and extremely low impact on network users with no updates.

Designed by security experts, the solution requires virtually no updating, uses artificial intelligence to determine what good versus bad software looks like and takes less than 100 milliseconds to make an accurate conviction.

Case Study

Here is a real-life example of a University who have 7,500 students and 1,500 endpoints that approached Cylance earlier this year:

Following a series of ransomware demands from an exploit on their network, a University undertook some AV market research and subsequently reached out to Cylance.  Following a swift proof of concept with zero disruption to users, the findings of this exercise were staggering:  despite the machines already running traditional AV software, Cylance identified that over 60% of the evaluated endpoints were infected by malware that had previously been undetected (including the CryptoLocker ransomware trojan variants).

Immediately after the findings of the proof of concept were presented a campus-wide purchase of Cylance was made by the University, a spokesperson added “CylanceProtect worked quickly to identify and block nearly 200 threats that traditional AV software flat out missed.  With a large number of faculty and student endpoints to protect, we are confident Cylance is securing our systems