Deception Grid Platform Industry leading network-based deception

TrapX DeceptionGrid platform protects your valuable assets against a multitude of attacks including malicious insiders, lateral-movement, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and sophisticated cybercriminals.  Any activity, from the “lightest” reconnaissance to advanced breach attempts, is contained, recorded and alerted, enabling immediate remediation.


  • Automatic deployment of an integrated array of decoys (Traps) and breadcrumbs (tokens) that provides visibility into ongoing attacks while luring attackers away from valuable assets

  • Expose, divert and confuse cyber adversaries at all phases of an attack, passing the cost onto them

  • High fidelity breach detection with almost no false-positives to optimise security team efficiency

  • Understand attackers' activities over an attack timeline to garnish valuable counter intelligence that can be used to bolster defenses

  • Gain deep insights into cyber adversaries techniques, tactics & procedures (TTPs)


Global Threat Intelligence

The TrapX Threat Intelligence enhances the TrapX DeceptionGrid platform with curated intelligence, gathered from customer deployments and TrapX Labs’ own research.

  • Our Global Threat Intelligence platform collects and curates actionable IOCs

  • New threats and new attack profile intelligence is integrated into customers' TrapX DeceptionGrid deployments

  • Ahead-of-time threat intelligence automatically delivered to DeceptionGrid customers ensures accurate, high-fidelity breach detection and the shortest possible time to breach detection



Advanced Incident Response (AIR) Module

Fully integrated endpoint IR capabilities

The AIR module performs a complete and fully automated forensic analysis of any suspect endpoints identified from the TrapX DeceptionGrid platform.  Utilising agent-less technology, hundreds of indicators are automatically collected and analysed from suspect endpoints with results summarised and delivered to the SOC team for remediation.

  • Automated agent-less endpoint forensic data collection and analysis

  • Optimise incident response data collection and workflow, reducing security team burden

  • Reduce time from attack identification to remediation

  • Isolate compromised internal systems, protecting critical assets & data